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Dr. Sobyl Bunis, DC | The Emotional Clearinghouse
Join the H
ealthy, Happy Relationships Program

This Program is for you if you experience:


  • Repeatedly choosing the “wrong” people 

  • Ongoing predictable conflicts and arguments 

  • Questioning whether you’re lovable 

  • Unhealthy family drama 

  • Lack of supportive friendships

Is it time to clear any emotional blockages that keep you

from manifesting happy, healthy relationships?


I am thrilled to be able to offer you in digital online format, the opportunity for you to experience the same profound, practical results that my patients have experienced in private sessions for over 35 years.


In 3 one hour sessions over the course of one week, you too can release negative emotional patterns around relationships, limiting belief systems, stored emotional pain and negative self-talk. I’d love to help you find healthier, happy relationships with yourself and others. This program will guide you to find and to CLEAR the emotional blockages that have negatively affected your relationships.



 The Program includes three one hour on-demand video sessions over the course of a week with phone or computer access.

Why We Need Emotional Clearing


Simply put, our bodies hold on to the memories of past emotional traumas. When something feels traumatic or threatening to us, those powerful emotions leave imprints that are stored in our nervous systems. Emotional Clearing is a gentle, effective, body-centered, emotional healing process that helps us find and release these “stuck” emotional imprints from our nervous systems.


Why is it so important to be free of our old imprints? Imagine a three-year-old child hearing her parents screaming at each other. That child may feel terrified, but she is too young to understand what is happening. That terror can leave an imprint that, as an adult, acts as an unconscious emotional trigger.


As the child matures, the sound of a raised voice from anyone can trigger the old terror stored in her nervous system. To compensate and manage her fear, she may become a “rescuer” or “enabler,” someone who jumps at the first sign of trouble to “fix” the situation. Wherever she goes, even seemingly benign events can trigger the old stuck fear that she holds, leading to automatic, unconscious, rescuing behavior time and time again.


Emotional Clearing can find and clear the stored terror from age three, and completely resolve the resulting pattern of triggered fear and rescuing behavior that may affect your relationships.

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