Come on in and let the healing begin

During my 35 years of professionally practicing Emotional Clearing, I have been on a journey of expansion. While I initially worked one-on-one, I quickly opened to clearing couples, then entire families, and now groups. And I was thrilled to discover that clearing remotely via phone or Zoom groups yields the same outstanding results as working in person. So, no matter who you are or where you are, my door is open and you are welcome.

why we need emotional clearing


Simply put, our bodies hold on to the memories of past emotional traumas. When something feels traumatic or threatening to us, those powerful emotions leave imprints that are stored in our nervous systems. Emotional Clearing is a gentle, effective, body-centered, emotional healing process that helps us find and release these “stuck” emotional imprints from our nervous systems.


Why is it so important to be free of our old imprints? Imagine a three-year-old child hearing her parents screaming at each other. That child may feel terrified, but she is too young to understand what is happening. That terror can leave an imprint that, as an adult, acts as an unconscious emotional trigger.


As the child matures, the sound of a raised voice from anyone can trigger the old terror stored in her nervous system. To compensate and manage her fear, she may become a “rescuer” or “enabler,” someone who jumps at the first sign of trouble to “fix” the situation. Wherever she goes, even seemingly benign events can trigger the old stuck fear that she holds, leading to automatic, unconscious, rescuing behavior time and time again.


Emotional Clearing can find and clear the stored terror from age three, and completely resolve the resulting pattern of triggered fear and rescuing behavior.


Here are some of the patterns and problems that can occur later in life:


* Pain and other chronic health issues and symptoms almost anywhere in the body


* Unhealthy patterns such as addictions, self destructive or self sabotaging behaviors


* A tendency towards sudden unexplained outbursts of powerful negative emotions that seem to come out of the blue


* Having huge reactions to small seemingly innocent events


* Limiting negative belief systems that do not serve us. For example, “I’m not lovable” or “the world is dangerous” or “people can’t be trusted”


* Working so hard to change or heal something about yourself and getting nowhere


* These negative beliefs can prevent us from fulfilling our dreams and our potential


After using Emotional Clearing, my patients report a variety of positive shifts:

* A feeling of lightness and an overall sense of calm and well being


* Resolution of chronic fears, anxiety, worry, and phobias


* Greater financial success and stability


* Transformed relationships with family, friends, and coworkers


* Freedom from chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and other previously entrenched symptoms


* Ease in previously reactive or stressful situations


* Weight loss after years of failed attempts


* Increase in sustainable energy


* Breakthroughs in psychotherapy


This is a feelings based, body centered technique.


I encourage you to find a quiet private space where you can be on your own and uninterrupted.


If we are in a live Zoom session, you will be completely anonymous. If you sign up for an Emotional Clearing Program below on this site, you will have one week to complete the program's 3 sessions. Which are designed to be completed with one day of rest between each session.


Once we find the stuck feeling, I will guide you through the actual clearing via a combination of relaxed breathing, pressing on specific body points, and leaning into the feeling. It may take a few minutes for you to go through the process.


Some people feel a very distinct shift as the emotion clears, while others do not. It works whether or not you feel it.


We then move on, layer by layer, until the session is complete.


We will do another gentle exercise to complete the session and prepare to resume our day.


I will close the session with some guidance on how to move forward and what to expect.

meet Sobyl Bunis

As a young adult, I became frustrated with Western medicine when I noticed doctors treated my symptoms, but not the underlying reasons for them.


This frustration led me to the art and science of chiropractic, which is all about finding and treating the actual cause of symptoms. My first chiropractor taught me that my body, mind, emotions and spirit are all connected, and that vibrant health and well-being depend on all of these aspects being in harmonious balance.


Hop, skip, and a jump! From being a chiropractic patient in 1978 to a chiropractic graduate in 1986 to joining a chiropractic practice in Santa Barbara in 1987. Our practice was truly holistic; we combined full-body chiropractic adjustments with custom nutritional programs and emotional clearing techniques.

I’ve seen how Emotional Clearing work offers the missing link in helping my patients get well. They often tell me that after years of therapy, Emotional Clearing quickly got to the root of their issues and resolved them for good. Similarly, patients report that their chronic physical complaints begin to resolve once we add Emotional Clearing.


Over my 33 years of experience, I’ve witnessed the profound transformation that Emotional Clearing can facilitate—for individuals, for couples, and even for multigenerational family systems!


Because of these profound results, my patients have been asking me how can I help their loved ones all over the world. The Emotional Clearinghouse is how.


This is the fulfillment of my longtime dream to make Emotional Clearing accessible and affordable to people globally.


I am so excited to be offering my first Membership Program at the Emotional Clearinghouse. When you join for $47 a month;  you will receive a gift of a free Emotional Clearing Program on one of the following topics (for a limited time):

Healthy Happy Relationships
    Fear and Anxiety
    Body Image and Weight
    Money and Wealth

Then every month I will release a new half hour Emotional Clearing Program for you. The first one is based on our Podcast series on Mental Health in the Time of Covid and will focus on clearing Grief, Loss and Missing Out. As the months progress you will have access to the archives of Emotional Clearing sessions to do as often as you like in the privacy of your own space. Many of you already know how valuable it is to repeat these programs because each time you access different levels of stored emotional trauma.

Emotional clearing programs

I invite you to choose from the following Emotional Clearing programs. I designed these programs to specifically find and release old traumatic patterns and triggers at the root of your most frustrating issues.


When you purchase a program you have access to it for 7 days. Each program consists of 3 one-hour video sessions to be completed over the course of one week. This design facilitates a deep, cumulative effect.

body image & weight

This Program is for you if you experience:

  • Body shame or dissatisfaction 
  • Emotional impulsive eating habits 
  • Going on and off weight loss programs 
  • Feeling judged by others and self
  • Comparison to cultural ideals 
  • Imbalanced unsustainable lifestyle
  • Suboptimal health

healthy HAPPY relationships

This Program is for you if you experience:

  • Repeatedly choosing the “wrong” people 
  • Ongoing predictable conflicts and arguments 
  • Questioning whether you’re lovable 
  • Unhealthy family drama 
  • Lack of supportive friendships


This Program is for you if you experience:

  • Chronic feeling that there’s “never enough” money 
  • Emotional impulsive spending habits 
  • Negative belief systems about money 
  • Doubts of being worthy and deserving 
  • Self-sabotaging behaviors like “never quite getting there”


This Program is for you if you experience:

  • Ongoing chronic anxiety 
  • Sudden bouts of fear 
  • Procrastination
  • Too afraid or paralyzed to move forward 
  • Over sensitivity to others fears or world events
  • Fear of things you can’t control


“No one gets out of childhood without some ‘emotional ouches,’ and as a person who feels very deeply, this is the only technique that has made a significant impact in my life... I am so grateful for Sobyl and her work, she has worked miracles in my and my children’s lives.”


~ Adriana de Bruin


“Sobyl has Marine-precision-mastery at getting straight to the root and clearing negative emotional patterns forever... I am at a whole new echelon of emotional maturity because of what I’ve been able to release so effortlessly. I feel supported, validated and uplifted."


~ Holly Odneal


"Each session left me with a sense of calm and clarity akin to long sessions of meditation. For a few weeks following each clearing, I experienced less anxiety. And even now, I don't recoil from the things that trigger me in quite the same way. It is easier to sit with the feelings. The online format felt very comfortable and safe. It was nice to be able to experience the clearing from the comfort of my own home."


~ Marshall G. San Luis Obispo,

Fear and Anxiety Program

"Before participating in the the Fear and Anxiety program, I was feeling a lot of general day-to-day anxiety and particularly very anxious about moving out on my own for the first time in my life. After the three sessions, I felt a strong decrease in my general anxiety and specifically about moving out. I actually started to feel excited about it! I look forward to participating in more Emotional Clearing sessions with Sobyl."


~ M.G. Brooklyn, New York

Fear and Anxiety Program

"I have had anxiety for most of my life; I’ve struggled with feeling safe, with finances, and with being alone. Immediately after my last group session, there were days I felt lighter and days I felt heavier. Then, as my mind, heart, and body processed the clearing, I noticed I wasn't living in as much fear as I had been previously. I realized that I didn't have a panic attack about something that would have triggered me only weeks ago. The change felt so natural and happened so quickly."


~ Christina G., Los Angeles

Fear and Anxiety Program


Emotional Clearing as presented by Sobyl E. Bunis, D.C. is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. It is a feelings based, body-centered technique designed to guide you to find and process through old traumatic emotions that are stored in your nervous system. It is not psychotherapy. Emotional Clearing should not be construed as a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. During or following an Emotional Clearing session, you may revisit painful emotions from the past as part of the healing process. As a client, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being. You need to be able to manage some level of emotional pain ( if it comes up ) on your own or with the support of another person such as a therapist, counselor or a friend. Emotional Clearing is not meant for people with serious mental illness. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.