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How to Clear Emotional Blockages for Better Health

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Dr. Sobyl Bunis on her front porch.
Dr. Sobyl Bunis at Home

Welcome to my blog! I am Dr. Sobyl Bunis; Doctor of Chiropractic and founder of the Emotional Clearinghouse. In 1987 I embarked on my Holistic Chiropractic Practice and in 1988 I took my first of many N.E.T. seminars. (Neuro-Emotional Technique) This training was all about finding and releasing Emotional blockages from the nervous system which helped free my patients from past emotional pain. Clearing these trapped emotions was so often the missing link in empowering my patients to heal deeply and step into a richer more fulfilled life. Over the past 35 years, My Emotional Clearing Technique has evolved and expanded beyond my initial training and now includes; releasing Ancestral Trauma, Soul Wounds, Generational Family patterns, Cultural Trauma and clearing our negative Limiting Belief systems. Why is it so important to clear these stuck trapped emotional pattens? We now know that emotional Stress is at the root of at least 75% of all doctor visits. My experience has taught me that there is a strong link between Emotional Blockages and physical health. For example, I’ve worked with so many women over the years who have many levels of stored Anger, Resentment and Frustration which sits in the Liver/Gall Bladder part of the nervous system. I have observed that a lot of these women also had actual Gallstones and in some cases, Gall Bladder surgery. I believe it’s no coincidence and I have years of clinical experience to back it up. This is the true mind-body connection. In future posts I will share parallel mind-body patterns I have observed in men.

I am so excited about this blog because I have 35 years worth of inspiring stories that will show you a path to Vibrant Longevity. Did you know can heal your Mind through your Body and heal your Body through your Mind? My next post is going to get into the juicy details. Have you ever called yourself or someone else a Control Freak? Well stay tuned, because my next blog is going to blow this concept wide open and give you a deep understanding about why people attempt to control themselves, their environment, and others. No more name calling! Only non-judgment, compassion and healing.

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